‘Indonesian Vieri’ Drove ASIOP Win Gothia Cup 2016

'Indonesian Vieri' Drove ASIOP Win Gothia Cup 2016

‘Indonesian Vieri’ Drove ASIOP Win Gothia Cup 2016 – ASIOP Apacinti when celebrating win of Gothia Cup Under 15 trophy / KBRI Oslo

GOTHENBURG – Amid the downturn, Indonesian football is not without accomplishment. Indonesian football club, ASIOP Apacinti won the Gothia Cup Under 15 trophy by defeating host club, IF Eflsborg 3-1 in the final of the international championship at Gamla Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Saturday (23/7).

Final match in Under 15 between IF Elfsborg versus ASIOP Apacinti was very entertaining. But when Egy Maulana Vieri scored 3–0 to ASIOP early in the second half, Elfsborg couldn’t manage to come back in the game. It all ended with the golden trophy for the Indonesian team after a 3–1 win.

As reported by gothiacup.se, ASIOP started the game best, with a great opportunity to score the first goal in the game after already four minutes. Firdas Hilmi didn’t manage to put the ball in the net though, when the ball showed up on his feet at one of the posts. But only four minutes later, the score finally came for the Indonesian team by Imam Zakiri on a return from a free kick.

With less than four minutes left of the first half, ASIOP scored 2–0 by Reyhan Syaviano after a short break away. Elfsborg fought and had some scoring chances, but wasn’t as effective as their opponents.

In the beginning of the second half it was time for another break away for ASIOP and 3–0, by Maulana Vikri. Now Elfsborg needed to play more desperately to get back into the game. After 40 minutes, the goal finally came for the Swedish team, by Aleksandar Ceganjac.

With several injuries for the Indonesian team, the last couple of minutes of the game was with a lot of interruption. In the last minute, ASIOP Apacinti had two break aways from the middle of the pitch, but Elfsborg’s defenders saved twice.

Before reaching the final, Asiop won all 10 of its matches, scoring a total of 45 goals while only conceding eight.

“This is incredible, fantastic. The boys’ performance was superb throughout this tournament,” ASIOP manager, Ade Wellington said.

“We have been practicing for three months for competing here. This is a dream come true,” he added. (zet/lvina/nisah/ooswati/AAR)


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