KPK Already Have New Suspect of e-KTP Corruption

KPK Already Have New Suspect of e-KTP Corruption

KPK Already Have New Suspect of e-KTP Corruption – Illustrated

JAKARTA – Chairman of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Agus Rahardjo confirmed that the Investigation Letter for new suspect’s  alleged corruption of electronic identity card (e-KTP) project has been signed.

Agus ensures the process has been established. Starting from the investigation, then results are discussed in title of the case (expose) until it was decided to go into the investigation with the determination of a new suspect.

“We will issue soon,” he said after receiving arrival and support of General Chairman of PBNU, Said Aqil Siradj at KPK Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/7).

Confirmed about new suspect name, Agus reluctantly replied. According to him, should wait for KPK official announcement soon.

“Just wait,” said the former Head of Government Procurement Agency (LKPP).

He said the KPK continued to conduct examinations of witnesses at the investigation level for suspect, Director of PT Cahaya Wijaya Kusuma who is also Director of PT Murakabi Sejahtera, Andi Agustinus alias Andi Narogong.

Witnesses are not only from the elements of the DPR, either members or former members to private parties.

“If it is called, it will always be several times, not once to know the events, knowing whether there is flow of funds and all kinds of funds,” he said.

As is known, Commission has set three suspects in cases of alleged corruption e-IKTP projects that harm the state finance of more than Rp2, 314 trillion of the total value of the project more than Rp5, 599 trillion.

Three suspects, former Director General of Civil Registration Kemendagri Irman, Director General of Population Administration Information Management dept and official commitments maker (KDP) Sugiharto, and President Director of PT Cahaya Wijaya Kusuma, who is also Director of PT Murakabi Sejahtera alias Andi Agustinus Andi Narogong.

Irman and Sugiharto are currently undergoing trial at the Jakarta Corruption Court and have been charged with different imprisonment.

Meanwhile, in case of e-KTP cases, two former suspects have been established: First, former members of Commission II of DPR and DPR Budget Agency 2009-2014 who now serves as Commission V member from Hanura Party faction, Miryam S Haryani.
Miriam was designated as a suspect in giving false information or false information in court case of alleged corruption of budget approval and procurement of e-KTP project with defendant Irman and Sugiharto.

Second, members of Commission II from Golkar Party Faction, Markus Nari as suspects blocking the investigation to prosecution in court proceedings by affecting witnesses including Miryam and defendants Irman and Sugiharto (zet/uda/opilianti/YN)


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